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Contemporary Chinese Studies Seminar Held at Confucius Institute, University of Leon



The “Contact and Dialogue Between East and West”—the 2nd?International Symposium on Contemporary Chinese Studies, was held at the Confucius Institute, University of Leon, Spain on?May 2 and 3, 2019. More than 130 experts and scholars from more than 40 universities, research institutes, and Confucius Institutes in 8 countries and regions attended. Guests from Spain, China, France, Britain, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, and Hungary gathered together to discuss on various topics, including Chinese international education, culture and communication, history, society, state relations and politics, literature and translation, and language and culture contrasts.

The seminar was co-sponsored by the University of León, Xiangtan University, and the Confucius Institute at the University of León. It was funded by the Confucius Institute Headquarters “Confucius China Studies Program”. The opening ceremony was hosted by Juan Francisco García Marín, president of the University of León. He said that Spain was once the earliest one to open China studies major in the western countries. It owned the world's earliest excellent China studies books and exerted influence on the development of Western China studies. In recent years, more and more young scholars have started studying China studies, and its related research is booming in Spain. He hoped to deepen the friendship between the two countries through the China studies in Spain and the exchange and research on Spanish culture in China.

Major media in Leone reported on the seminar, and many TV stations broadcast relevant news of the seminar. The mainstream newspaper “Leon Daily” reported the grand event of the seminar.
The Confucius Institute at the University of Leon is co-founded by XTU?and the University of León. It is the first Confucius Institute of XTU.